Burma Orphanage Needs A New Home

Triumphant Ministries International has served the people of Burma for over 15 years.

The organization has formed close ties with local orphanages and communities in need. Recently, an orphanage that received rice and other goods from Triumphant Ministries was in crisis.

A husband and wife team ran the orphanage for many years. The founders of Triumphant Ministries formed a deep bond with the couple.

Unfortunately, the husband suddenly became ill and passed away. Triumphant Ministries stepped in when they heard the news. The organization covered the medical bills and asked his wife what she needed. She was devastated and did not know how she could care for the children alone.

TMI’s co-founder, Angie Johnson has a heart for children. Both she and her husband, Rick Johson, were adopted.  They decided to take over the orphanage and create a permanent relationship between them and the original owner.

The original owner was full of emotion and thankfulness. Today, the orphanage, Angie’s House, needs a new home. In Burma, it is not uncommon for landlords to try and extort individuals by continually raising the rent.

Triumphant Ministries International has purchased land and is now raising funds to build a permanent home for Angie’s House.

Angie’s House will be surrounded by a community center, classrooms that teach locals a trade to prevent human trafficking and will be entirely self-sustainable with a small farm.

This remarkable facility when completed will be a “beacon of hope” for all who come to train, visit or live.

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