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Harvest Churches are more than buildings. Harvest Churches are the people! In Myanmar, the total number of Christians is estimated to be 7 percent of the population. About 9 out of 10 people are not Christians, but Buddhists. Whenever Buddhists choose to become Christians, it is a big deal! Their acceptance of Jesus is the best decision they will ever make. However, in a Buddhist country it can come with a price. Families can alienate these new believers. The government, military, and universities can and do withhold jobs and positions because of religious preferences. Our churches are a close-knit group and have strength as a community. This is why our church family is so important. Harvest Churches are a place with three distinct purposes: to worship God, develop believers, and share the Good News of the Gospel. We believe this is how we advance the Kingdom of God.

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Your gift makes you a partner and co-laborer with us. It is because of your generosity we go and have an impact on the nations by demonstrating God’s message of love, developing at-risk youth with skills, or distributing food and supplies to orphans and widows. We are thankful for your gifts and know that these awesome blessings are not possible without faithful partners like you.

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