About Us

Rick and Angela are the founders of Triumphant Ministries International. Together, they have shared international ministry from the refugee camps of Nepal to the war zones of Burma, from the slums of Africa to the barrios of South America. After working in the nation of Myanmar they realized this was their passion. They incorporated their ministry in Myanmar, and this allowed them to purchase land near Kalaymyo, where they are building the Legacy Campus. This campus is home to the Legacy Learning Center where they are teaching at-risk girls in the trade of sewing and offer training in other vocations. Angie’s House is their orphan and Seniors outreach, touching the forgotten. The School of the Harvesters is their evangelistic training school. Teaching proven methods to reach their community, country and to cross borders to China, India, Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand.

They also produce rice and other crops at their Jehovah Jireh Farms. The rice is for the feeding of orphans, to sell in the markets and to donate to evangelistic efforts.

Additionally, they oversee Harvest Churches, located across Myanmar. These are life giving churches have a mission’s mandate and focus on church planting.

Our Approach

Triumphant Ministries International has a 3D (Demonstrate, Develop and Distribute) approach to effectively sharing the love of Christ with the world.


At Triumphant Ministries International, we Demonstrate the love of God through strategically planned evangelistic outreaches. We reach out to children, youth and adults alike, and always work in cooperation with local churches or bible schools. We also realize the importance of follow up with those new to the faith and we make every assurance that they continue to have guidance after we leave.


We develop people’s lives through vocational training, spiritual formation, and life skills. This developmental process enables our students, orphans, and all who attend our classes to become more self-sufficient and take their places in society. Our philosophy is, “Give a person a fish, they eat for today – Teach a person to fish, they eat for a lifetime.” Our goal is for our students to become influential leaders in their communities.


The distribution of food and essentials is a key part of this ministry. We are thankful to have Jehovah Jireh Farms. Its ability to yield rice and other agricultural products gives us a huge advantage in meeting the needs of those we serve. We know that there are times when life happens and people need help. We are there to provide assistance and offer them hope.

Our Beliefs

Our Team

Rick and Angela have shared international ministry from the refugee camps of Nepal, to the war zones of Burma. Since the beginning of their ministry they have successfully ministered to every race and major religious group. Here at home in the United States, they minister to the children in their local church, inmates, and to the homeless. Their real life experiences help them bring a balanced approach to ministry for young and old alike. Rick and Angela have become apathetic to religion and are more interested in each individual having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This understanding helps them remain sensitive and flexible in communicating this gospel message.

Rick Johnson

At an early age Rick had his eyes towards the sky with a fondness for aviation. Rick was inspired by aviation after his Dad retired from the Air Force when he was very young. Following Rick’s graduation from high school he entered the United States Air Force and trained as a B-52 crew chief. The Air Force gave him his first real responsibilities of preparing a multi-million dollar aircraft to fly. The military provided him the opportunity to serve his country and to learn first-hand, real life applications of submission and authority. At the end of his duty Rick was honorably discharged from the Air Force and built on his training by obtaining two Federal Aviation Administration licenses. Rick worked as an aviation professional for over 30 years in the aerospace industry.

Angela Johnson

Angela has always been the type of person to help someone in need. One summer she was asked by a friend to help at her church’s vacation bible school. It was during this bible school that she personally accepted Christ into her life. From that summer until now Angela has continued to help others; whether it’s a sick family member, volunteering at church or helping someone sell candy for their child’s school project.

Our Journey

2004 - November First Mission Trip to Thailand and India

2005 - April Team member for Crusade in Thailand

2005 - October Founded Triumphant Ministries International

2006 - December First trip to Burma

2006 - April Started the “Burma Project”

2007 - December Donated first sewing machine/ entered the War Zone

2008 - May Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar leaving over 130,000 dead

2008 - November Triumphant Ministries relief trip

2010 - December 100th Sewing machine donated

2011 - April First trip to Cambodia 129 water baptized

2012 - December First trip to Kalaymyo

2015 - January Founded the “Legacy Learning Center” our sewing school

2016 - December Established “Angie’s House” our orphanage

2017 - December Purchased Jehovah Jireh Farms to grow rice

2018 - December Final payment for The Legacy Campus Land

2019 - December Dedicated Angie’s House building

2020 - January Founded Harvest Churches

2020 - February Began construction of The Legacy Building