Sewing Schools

The heart behind our sewing schools is to provide young men and women with the skills and opportunities to provide for themselves and their families.

The young boys and girls entering our sewing schools are extremely vulnerable to predators for “human trafficking” or “forced labor.” After visiting the country, meeting with various leaders and studying this problem, we believe the best way to overcome this tragedy is through prevention. We empower them to be the person they were created to be, by giving them both vocational and life skills. A vocation, such as sewing, can be a powerful tool in one’s life. Teaching this trade helps to secure income, food and a future for young people in impoverished countries.

Currently, our efforts are focused in Myanmar. Myanmar is located in South Eastern Asia and has a population of around 51 million people. Myanmar’s citizens have been the victims of political strife, human rights abuse and violence for many years. Triumphant Ministries International has a heart for the people of Myanmar and seeks to empower its citizens by offering them skills and tangible solutions that can aid their needs immediately and in the future.

Myanmar is a country where there are virtually no social services. Education is a premium for those who can afford it. Orphans and the impoverished have almost no opportunities for a better life. Many will never even have the opportunity to learn a trade, much less to attend a free vocational school. In addition to teaching the trade of sewing we also teach financial management, business principles and ethics. True discipleship!

So far, we have created two sewing schools in Myanmar. Our first school started in Yangon located in the Capitol city in 2013. Our second school is located in Kalaymyo near the western border of the nation. Each school will train 12-15 young ladies during a 12-month period.

Sewing is a great talent with immediate marketability but it is only the start. As we grow we can and will offer other vocational training too. During the past 10 years, TMI has donated over 100 sewing machines. We have witnessed the immediate benefits of one sewing machine added to an orphanage. We are starting with something that would impact the most girls.