Legacy Learning Center

The young boys and girls entering our sewing schools are extremely vulnerable to predators for “human trafficking” or “forced labor.” After visiting the country, meeting with various leaders and studying this problem, we believe the best way to overcome this tragedy is through prevention.

Water Wells

Over the past 10 years, Triumphant Ministries International has installed 24 water wells and will continue to do so in areas of need. The majority of these water wells are located in South East Asia, Cambodia and Burma. These water wells have helped hundreds community members and villagers.

Showers & Toilets

We are building a six-stall shower and seven-toilet facility. It will have accessible toilets and showers including ramps. It will support the entire Legacy Campus, along with giving the kids of Angie’s House a clean place to start their day.

The Pavillion

The Pavilion is a much needed multi-purpose structure that will be used as a dining area, training site, conference center, and can host outdoor events.
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The Playground will be our biggest and best tool to reach children. It will be a safe place where all the kids in the village are welcome. They can come to play and just have fun. We will also be able to invite and host other villages to have play days for their children.

Children's Soccer Field

Our kids, big and small, love to play the international game. By providing a space and building goals, our kids and many village children will be able to play in a safe environment.
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Caretaker's House

The Caretakers House is a necessary addition for on-site workers and traveling teachers alike. It will feature a kitchenette, bedrooms, living area, and office space. This house will give them a place to call their own while on our campus.

Fruit Orchard

We have allotted almost one acre to grow native fruits. We plan to have mango, papaya, and banana trees. These trees will produce fruit for our orphans to eat, and to sell in the local market.
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Rice Barn

A simple but extremely necessary structure. When we harvest our crops from Jehovah Jireh Farms, it is a must to store our 100-pound bags of rice until the next harvest. Keeping our rice in a dry and enclosed place protects it from the weather and theft.
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Livestock Barns

Livestock Barns will be built to adequately house and care for our animals. We believe in building quality shelters for our poultry, swine, and goats. The barns are necessary for the health of our animals. These projects allow us to be more self-sufficient. They also teach our kids responsibility through "Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, and Living to Serve."

The Gift of

Your gift makes you a partner and co-laborer with us. It is because of your generosity we go and have an impact on the nations by demonstrating God’s message of love, developing at-risk youth with skills, or distributing food and supplies to orphans and widows. We are thankful for your gifts and know that these awesome blessings are not possible without faithful partners like you.

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