Angie's House Orphanage

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Angie’s House is a training ground for the future of Myanmar. It is more than an Orphanage or a rescue center. The boys and girls who live here call this their home. They all have traveled from a variety of paths to get here. Most all of their stories are heartbreaking. The obstacles of poverty, death, family tragedy and even war are some of what they have had to overcome in their young lives.

Triumphant Ministries helps by taking this group and giving them a home create a stable environment which gives them a sense of family and belonging. These kids are receiving daily meals, clothing and an education; thanks to our friends and partners Whenever these children leave, they are equipped world changers. Your continued support ensures they have meals to eat, a home to live, they will be taught vocational and computer skills and learning to speak English. All of these abilities will give them a tremendous advantage in life.

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Your gift makes you a partner and co-laborer with us. It is because of your generosity we go and have an impact on the nations by demonstrating God’s message of love, developing at-risk youth with skills, or distributing food and supplies to orphans and widows. We are thankful for your gifts and know that these awesome blessings are not possible without faithful partners like you.

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