Donation isn’t the only way to support our ministry!

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We are so blessed by our monthly and one-time donors. Every penny goes toward programs that aid in our mission of human trafficking PREVENTION.

We are also blessed by those that have a heart for our ministry and give through prayer. Your prayers give us strength, vision, and guidance.

We would like to encourage ALL of our supporters to help us raise funds to give ANGIE’S HOUSE, Triumphant Ministries’ 0rphanage, a new home.

Facebook Fundraisers will allow you to share why you believe in Triumphant Ministries in your own words or you can use our lingo if you like! You do not have to donate to support us in this way. 

Facebook Fundraisers simply shares our message with your community!

Technical Support

1) If you have trouble seeing the “+Raise Money” button on mobile, please view on a desktop.

2) Another option is to simply create a regular Facebook post from your account, but select Support Non-profit and search for Triumphant Ministries International. See helpful visuals below.