Going to the nations; reaching the generations.


Our mission is to Demonstrate the love of God through strategically planned outreaches, Develop people’s lives through micro-enterprise opportunities, and to Distribute humanitarian aid on multiple levels as needed.


Triumphant Ministries International has a 3D (Demonstrate, Develop and Distribute) approach to effectively sharing the love of Christ with the world.

DEMONSTRATE: At Triumphant Ministries International, we Demonstrate the love of God through strategically planned evangelistic outreaches. We reach out to children, youth and adults alike, and always work in cooperation with local churches or bible schools. We also realize the importance of follow up with those new to the faith and we make every assurance that they continue to have guidance after we leave.

DEVELOP: We also Develop people’s lives through micro-enterprise. We give them the tools they need to start their small businesses with little to no investment required. These businesses help them in their fight against poverty. As jobs are created they are able to become more self-sufficient and improve their lives. We are not only giving them a fish but we are also teaching them how to fish which ultimately helps them contribute to their own economies.

DISTRIBUTE: The Distribution of humanitarian aid is a key part of our ministry. Whether it is tons of rice, chicken, apples, fresh drinking water or the most basic things we take for granted such as a bath towel or comb or goal is to make sure even the most basic needs are met.


There are over 3 billion people who have never heard the gospel message or the name of Jesus. We are willing to go where they are – where others cannot or will not go to tell them about Jesus and His healing power. One national pastor said, “We challenged them because of our willingness to leave the comfort of the US and go to the dirtiest places and reach out to the castaways of society.” Isn’t that what Jesus did?

We have the training to reach out to every generation. We believe that no one should be left behind, and that everyone is valuable to God.

We have experience with multiple types of ministry and have ministered to every race and every major religious group.

We can adapt to the environment whether we are ministering one on one or with thousands of people.


Our short term goals are similar to that of any other emergency responder. We arrive, evaluate and access the situation in order to help with whatever is needed at that time. The need may be any number of things ranging from water, food, medical supplies, or household tools. We want to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people in all nations and regions to which we travel.

Our long term mandate is to make a difference in each individual’s life by reversing the cycle of poverty through ministering to the “whole person” (spiritually, physically, and mentally). We accomplish this by bringing them the gospel (spiritually), bringing them food or other supplies (physically) and bringing them opportunity to learn a skill or trade (mentally).


We always give people the opportunity to pray the prayer of salvation to make an eternal difference in their lives. We also look for creative solutions to provide for a variety of needs local churches and villages face.

For example, we supplied the funds to purchase a fence to close off a two acre tract of land to keep livestock out. This fencing enabled the orphanage to grow their own rice and begin to become self-sufficient. For one particular village we purchased over 750 ducks to repopulate their village after a major disaster. We also helped the fishermen in one village by supplying them with new boats and nets that had been lost during a cyclone. We continue to look for practical ways to help people; one such way is through The Burma Project.

We started The Burma Project by purchasing sewing machines, sewing kits, and fabric for almost every orphanage home we visited. These tools and materials help orphans on multiple levers: 1) to make of mend their own clothing; 2) to produce goods for sale; and 3) to train young girls and boys with a useful skill, all while keeping them from resorting to the drug trade or prostitution.



Rick and Angela have shared international ministry from the refugee camps of Nepal, to the war zones of Burma. Since the beginning of their ministry they have successfully ministered to every race and major religious group. Here at home in the United States, they minister to the children in their local church, inmates, and to the homeless. Their real life experiences help them bring a balanced approach to ministry for young and old alike. Rick and Angela have become apathetic to religion and are more interested in each individual having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This understanding helps them remain sensitive and flexible in communicating this gospel message.




At an early age Rick had his eyes towards the sky with a fondness for aviation. This was birthed by his dad, who retired from the Air Force when Rick was very young. Following Rick’s graduation from high school he entered the United States Air Force and trained as a B-52 crew chief. The Air Force gave him his first real responsibilities of preparing a multi-million dollar aircraft to fly. The military provided him the opportunity to serve his country and to learn first-hand, real life applications of submission and authority. At the end of his duty Rick was honorably discharged from the Air Force and then built on his training by obtaining two Federal Aviation Administration licenses. Rick has continued a career in the aerospace industry, working for over 30 years in the aviation profession.

It didn’t take long for his fondness for aviation to pale in comparison to Rick’s desire for ministry. From his first experience at summer church camp he realized he had a call to minister, but did not know how to proceed. In fact, it wasn’t until twelve years later that Rick started to recognize God’s plan and purpose for his life. Rick’s calling led him to Tulsa and started him on a path to gaining valuable ministry experience.

Attending one of the most prolific churches in America for eighteen years afforded him the opportunity to grow and advance. Rick has not only been guided with sound teaching, but he also gained a wealth of practical knowledge as a volunteer. Rick has experience working in the areas of children’s ministry, altar care, prison ministry, singles ministry, urban bus ministry, and ministry to seniors. This hands-on method has been vital in his development as a minister. In addition to the practical ministry Rick also sought formal education. As an adult learner he graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center and then acquired a Bachelor of Science degree from Oral Roberts University. Rick graduated summa cum laude and was awarded “The Most Outstanding Student for Academic Achievement.” He believes the credit for this success goes to God and his super supportive wife, Angela.

These diverse and exceptional opportunities have brought Rick to the place he is today as the president and founder of Triumphant Ministries International. From its inception, Rick has traveled to twelve countries to head outreaches and minister to every race and every major religious group. Ultimately, Rick has recognized his call to reach out to the nations and go to every generation.




Angela has always been the type of person to help someone in need. During one summer she was asked by a friend to help at her church’s vacation bible school. It was during this bible school that she personally accepted Christ into her life. From that summer until now Angela has continued to help others; whether it’s a sick family member, volunteering at church or helping someone sell candy for their child’s school project.

Angela comes from a family of strong moral character. She was born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in northeastern Oklahoma. She learned her strong work ethic from her family’s clothing business. Angela literally learned the business from the ground up, working in every area from the stock room to managing her own store. Eventually, she left the family business to work for a large corporation. While working in corporate America she took advantage of volunteer opportunities and routinely acted as chairwoman responsible for planning events and activities for the employees and their families.

Unfortunately, the corporation suffered a reduction in workforce and Angela was one of the employees caught in the cutback. Again, showing her resilience, she attended cosmetology school during this time to retrain in another vocation. It was shortly after this period she met and married Rick.

After their marriage she attended and graduated from Bible College. Angela has been active sharing in her husband’s ministry endeavors, accompanying him wherever they have been invited to go. Angela enjoys working with children and has a special interest in orphans. One of her great strengths is her strong personal relationship style. One-on-one ministry is her favorite type of ministry, as she has stated that this gives people time to share their heart.

Among her many interests she loves animal of all kinds; including her three Chinese pugs and her two bearded dragons. She has a creative flair for decorating and takes great pleasure in finding deals. Angela is gifted in hospitality and enjoys opening her home to host guests.



Sewing Schools


The heart behind our sewing schools is to provide young men and women with the skill and opportunity to provide for themselves and their family.

Water Wells


Water is vital resource to all humanity. For only $700 we are able to create water wells that are able to sustain villages and communities for years to come.


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